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The Paumanok Path

A 125 mile trek through wilderness, where you can encounter glacial kettles and erratics, rolling hills with panoramic vistas, parabolic dunes, coastal plain ponds, White Atlantic Cedar swamps, Dwarf Pines, Pitcher Plants, Painted Turtles, fields of Reindeer Lichen, maritime grasslands, Harbor Seals, Harrier Hawks, Olive Hairstreak Butterflies, Cedar Waxwings, and more.  This is an island of great natural diversity and the Paumanok Path* visits much of it.

Paumanok Path runs between the old RCA property in Ridge and the much older Light House in Montauk. The trail is constantly being changed and redirected to have as little impact on the surrounding environment as possible.  The objective is to give the gentle user a safe, pleasant, and natural experience.
With permission and assistance from the land managers, three hiking groups build, restore, maintain, and reroute not only the Paumanok Path, but so many other beautiful trails in Suffolk County.  It is hard to believe how much they accomplish with so little human and material resources.  If you enjoy these trails, these trail folk are your best buddies, and they are great people to work with.
Southampton Trails Preservation Society  East Hampton Trails Preservation Society  and the L.I. Greenbelt Trail Conference
Maps by Larry Paul: Pine Barrens West, two color, 14in by 23in. Map Pine Barrens Central/East, two color, two sides, 17in by 23in.

Ken Kindler

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Run and hike the Paumanok path by Ken Kindler with Bob Beattie

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Inventory Hikes, 2015

By Ken Kindler with Bob Beattie and others.

The Paumanok Path Inventory Hikes will assist us in refining our stewardship objectives for the Paumanok Path. We hope to engage people’s imagination and encourage participation in this exciting trails project.

We are publishing these reports in a blog format so that our readers can comment and participate in the process. Join us on our weekly hikes.

The Paumanok Path - Join us on our weekly hikes.

Paumanok Path Beginning at Rocky Point Introductory Hike

Paumanok Path, Section One, Ridge to Rocky Point

Second Section: Pine Trail Preserve to Halsey Manor Road 

Third Section: Halsey Manor Road to Suffolk Community College

Hike Four: Suffolk County Community Campus to Pleasure Drive

Fifth hike from Pleasure Drive to Red Creek Park

Hike Six: Red Creek Park to Kurt Billings Park

7th Hike: Kurt Billings Park in Tuckahoe, to the SYS building in North Sea.

Paumanok #8 North Sea Community Park/SYS to Golf on the Bridge

Hike 9: Golf on the Bridge, Bridgehampton to Route 114, East Hampton

Hike 10: Route 114 to Soak Hides Dreen, East Hampton

Hike # 11 Soak Hides Road to Napeague Harbor Road

Hike 12: Napeague Harbor Road to Shadmoor State Preserve

Lucky # 13 From Shadmoor to Montauk Point

Hiking one day a week, it took us thirteen weeks to hike the 125 mile long path. Time well spent. We have several projects in mind. We hope you will follow our blog as we proceed. Better still, we'd love you to join us.